04 May
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MACI Virtual Coding Class

As a response to Covid-19, we officially launched our virtual coding class which aimed at providing children an opportunity to develop new skills in the comfort of their homes. We have designed this program to help students learn and gain valuable STEM and soft skills while they stay at home. We believe learning should not stop no matter what.
This online-based coding classes will enable them to gain skills such as CRITICAL THINKING, PROBLEM-SOLVING, ANALYTICAL SKILLS, etc.

Class Structure

The class is divided into BASIC(age 6-10) and ADVANCED(age 11-18). The children will be learning while also having fun with coding. The basic class will learn scratch for game design, while the advanced class will learn the fundamentals of web development using HTML5, CSS, and JavaScript.

Therefore, this program is suitable for children and teens between the age of 6 and 18, and it’s FREE. Click here to register your child.

Classes will run throughout the lockdown period


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